Hello there!

My name is Konstantinos (Kostas) Tsokanas and I'm a professional Dj for weddings & parties since 2009.

My artist name “Dj Tsok” derives from my Last Name. You pronounce it “choc”  ..like chocolate!



Think of me as a tour guide

My job is the most important in the entire wedding ceremony: I have to entertain all attendants, deliver experiences and create memories.

A tour guide will physically take you from one destination to another so you can see different sights. He designs the perfect trip for his customers.

A Wedding Dj creates a “music trip”. Its destinations are: feelings, memories, experiences, dreams and wishes.

You have to understand your audience, feel their moods and preferences and entertain them accordingly.

Momentum is crucial! You have to feel your audience’s vibes and adjust your music so you can travel your audience to the next “destination”. You can't play music using fixed song lists from previous weddings!


who considers himself an entertainer,

I actively participate in the wedding ceremony. I like to have an interactive relationship throughout the night with the married couple and all their guests. I accept most of the song requests and try to fit them in the program through my experience...

is awared by “Wedding- Wire”,

Last year I was among the top 25 Djs, by “Wedding-wire” reviews . On January 2019, “Wedding-wire” awarded me, for the second year in a row, with “The couples choice award for 2019” , amongst Greek Wedding Djs…

I am a proud member of the Greek community of Wedding Djs. I attended the first & second Wedding Dj Conventions that took place in 2017 and 2018 and of course, already booked my place for the third convention, scheduled for March 2019.


offers additional services,

Besides music & sound coverage I offer additional services. Those include:

  • Lighting (stage lighting, wall uplighting, bride’s & groom’s table focusing ),

  • Projectors (for karaoke or photo & video presentation , or showing off couple's names & date of the ceremony)

  • Floor fireworks for your entrance,

  • Smoke & dry ice machines for your first dance,

  • Wedding lighting letters, or even fairy & string lights for a roof full of stars!!

Anything you can imagine we can discuss it together and deliver it for you!

and expands his Knowledge!

During the Summer of 2018, I played music in many weddings, in Santorini island. I interacted with several international couples. That experience was an opportunity for me to expand my music knowledge. It was a new and very refreshing experience for me and surely I want to repeat it next year.

My goal for this year is to provide some more unique and one of a kind nights for all the couples that will trust me....

If you are coming to Greece and are making plans for arranging a perfect night with the best “music trip” then you should ask for those who take music seriously!

Give me your music vibe and i will deliver you an unforgettable night!!

I am based in Athens but I am flexible to travel to the mainland  as well as to the islands. All you have to do is ask for an offer and book your date early!

Leave your music in safe hands....

Dj Tsok